Aims and Goals

Goals achieved to date include:

·awarding bursaries on a yearly basis to serving cadets and officers of HMCS Quadra

·An Annual General Meeting combined with social event.

·Establishment of an Alumni Day at HMCS QUADRA

·Establishing an Alumni Website and Members Only Bulletin Board

·Establishing and maintaining a members Kit Shop

·Establishment of a Newsletter

·Creating a trust for Quadra's wooden boat fleet (Sonora Trust)

·Coordinating the receipt of a full set of ceremonial flags gifted to the Association from each Provincial and Territorial Premier 

·Preparing and maintaining the flags for official use by the HMCS Quadra colour party.

·Ongoing collection and warehousing of Quadra memorabilia that is donated to the Association.

·Creating a registered charitable association with the goal of creating an endowment fund which could fund a tuition scholarship in addition to the existing bursaries. 

Further goals to achieve include:

§  Building a museum at HMCS QUADRA with the cooperation of the Regional Cadet Support Unit Pacific, 19 Wing Comox and HMCS Quadra


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