Alumni Association of
  HMCS Quadra

Aims and Goals

Goals achieved to date include:

  • awarding bursaries on a yearly basis to serving cadets and officers of HMCS Quadra
  • An Annual General Meeting combined with social event.
  • Establishment of an Alumni Day at HMCS QUADRA
  • Establishing an Alumni Website and Members Only Bulletin Board
  • Establishing and maintaining a members Kit Shop
  • Establishment of a Newsletter
  • Creating a trust for Quadra's wooden boat fleet (Sonora Trust)
  • Coordinating the receipt of a full set of ceremonial flags gifted to the Association from each Provincial and Territorial Premier 
  • Preparing and maintaining the flags for official use by the HMCS Quadra colour party.
  • Ongoing collection and warehousing of Quadra memorabilia that is donated to the Association.
  • Creating a registered charitable association with the goal of creating an endowment fund which could fund a tuition scholarship in addition to the existing bursaries.

Ongoing goals in progress:

  • Providing HMCS Quadra with requested equipment or training aids which may be requested from time to time.

Further goals to achieve include:

  • Building a museum at HMCS QUADRA with the cooperation of the Regional Cadet Support Unit Pacific, 19 Wing Comox and HMCS Quadra


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